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What is the FTSE Index?

The London Financial Times 100 Index was compiled by the world-class index calculation financial institution FTSE.The index is a barometer of the UK economy and one of the most important stock indices in Europe.Since 1984, 100 stocks traded on the London Stock Exchange have been selected. The constituent stocks cover 9 major European countries, mainly British companies. Other countries include Germany, France, Italy, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, and the Netherlands And Spain.
The ingredients of the FTSE 100 Index are determined quarterly.As of December 31, 2005, the six largest companies in the index were: BP, Royal Dutch Shell, HSBC, Vodafone, Royal Bank of Scotland and GlaxoSmithKline
One of the most popular financial products for the world's investors, the UK's FTSE 100 index and France's CAC-40 index, Germany's Frankfurt index and the three major European stock indexes, is the most important indicator for global investors to observe the trend of European stocks.

FTSE Index Advantage

  • 1

    24-hour trading

    Trading time 24 hours, two-way trading

  • 2

    Large market volatility

    The market is volatile and the profit margin is large.

  • 3

    Funded guarantee

    Third-party deposit of funds, convenient access

  • 4

    Investment entry is low

    The minimum transaction is 0.1 lots, and the investment threshold is low.

  • 5

    Low entry difficulty

    Simple operation, with or without foundation

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