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What is the Dow Jones Industrial Index?

The Dow Jones Index is the oldest stock index in the world, and its full name is the stock price average. The Dow Jones Index was first compiled in 1884 by Dow Jones founder Charles Henry Dow, an arithmetic average stock price index that currently contains 65 stocks. The most influential and widely used is the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which is also known as the Dow Jones 30 Index Futures, which is based on the stocks of 30 well-known industrial companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The Dow Jones Industrial Index futures contract was launched by the Chicago Board of Trade.

Dow Jones Industrial Index Advantage

  • 1

    Long tradable time

    Trading time 22 hours, T+0 two-way trading

  • 2

    Large market volatility

    The market is volatile and the profit margin is large.

  • 3

    Funded guarantee

    Third-party deposit of funds, convenient access

  • 4

    Investment entry is low

    The minimum transaction is 0.1 lots, and the investment threshold is low.

  • 5

    Low entry difficulty

    Simple operation, with or without foundation

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