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What is the Dollar Dollar Index?

The US dollar index is a comprehensive indicator of the exchange rate of the US dollar in the international foreign exchange market. The US dollar index is calculated by reference to the geometric mean weighted value of the exchange rate changes of the six currencies against the US dollar in March 1973.The six currencies are Euro, Japanese Yen, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, Swedish Krona and Swiss Franc. The US dollar index measures its value based on 100.00 in March 1973. The US dollar index is updated 24 hours a day, and the exchange is an intercontinental transaction in the United States.

Dollar Dollar Index Advantage

  • 1

    24-hour trading

    Trading time 24 hours, two-way trading

  • 2

    Large market volatility

    The market is volatile and the profit margin is large.

  • 3

    Low input costs

    free trading account , low investment threshold

  • 4

    Low entry difficulty

    Simple operation, with or without foundation

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