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  • What should I do if I forget my account password?

    You can consult the online customer service of Globalidx platform official website.

  • How long does it take to deposit and withdraw?

    Withdrawal: After receiving your withdrawal request, the bank will accept the remittance of your funds for the first time. Different banks will have different time to process the funds, which will usually arrive within 24 hours. Note: The withdrawal service is not processed on Saturdays and Sundays.

    Deposit: When your deposit order is activated, the deposit amount will be immediately transferred to the trading account, and you can trade at any time.

  • Is there a charge for opening a real account?

    Free registration of real trading accounts on the Globalidx platform.

  • What currency is used for deposit? What currency is used for settlement when withdrawing money?

    The deposit is recharged in RMB, and the banking system automatically converts it into US dollars at a fixed exchange rate.

    The withdrawal is settled in US dollars, and the banking system automatically converts the RMB into a bank card at a fixed exchange rate.

    (current fixed exchange rate is 1:6.8)

  • Is there an upper limit for account trading positions?

    As long as the account margin is sufficient, there is no limit on the position.

  • How many points does the limit order need to stay away from the current price?

    The A50 index is 1000 points and the other trading products are 300 points.

  • How is the overnight interest calculated?

    Overnight interest refers to the interest generated by the opening of the day's trading to the next day [05:00 (daylight saving time) or 06:00 (winter time)]. Buy and sell spot gold. If there is no liquidation during the day, overnight overnight will generate overnight interest. The buy rate is 2.5% and the sell rate is 0.5%. On Friday, the position will be charged for three days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).

    The calculation method of spot gold interest:

       Interest = (opening price * contract unit * lot * interest rate * overnight) / 360.

           = (Opening price * 100 * lot * interest rate * overnight) / 360.

    The calculation method of spot silver interest:

       Interest = (opening price * contract unit * lot * interest rate * overnight) / 360

           = (Opening price * 2500 * lot * interest rate * overnight) / 360.

  • What is a stop loss order and a take profit order?

    The stop loss order is a limit order.

    A stop-loss order is a limit order in which a limit of loss is set in the transaction;

    The take profit order is the limit order for setting the profit margin in the transaction.

  • What is the trading time of Globalidx platform products?

    Trading hours: every Monday from 07:00 to Saturday at 05:00, where the A50 index is 9:00-16:30, 17:00 - 4:45 the next day;

    Settlement time: 6 am every day;

    Resumption of market time: 7 am every day.

  • What types of investments can be made on the Globalidx platform?

    The platform provides investment products such as NASDAQ, Dow Jones Index, FTSE China A50 Index, US Dollar Index, Hong Kong Hang Seng Index, London Gold, and US Crude Oil.

  • How big is the leverage on the Globalidx platform? What is the margin for trading one hand?

    The leverage ratio is 1:100, the Hang Seng Index margin is $1,500/hand, and the other product margins are $800/hand.

  • Lowest price volatility

    US dollar index: 0.001

    Dow Jones Index: 0.1

    FTSE China A50 Index: 0.1

    NASDAQ: 0.1

    London Gold: 0.01

    US crude oil: 0.001

  • transaction hour

    Daylight Saving Time: Every Monday morning from 7:00 am to Saturday at 4:00 am

    Winter time: Every Monday morning from 7:00 am to Saturday at 5:00 am

    Daylight saving time: The market is closed at 5:00 am every day;

    Winter time: The market settlement time is closed at 6:00 am every day;

    The market is closed on Saturdays and Sundays and cannot be traded during the market.

  • Interest on the daily interest rate (annual interest rate) is subject to interest

    US dollar index: Buy -2.5%, sell -0.5%

    Dow Jones Index: Buy -2.5%, Sell -0.5%

    FTSE China A50 Index: Buy -2.5%, Sell -0.5%

    NASDAQ: Buy -2.5%, sell -0.5%

    London Gold: Buy -2.5%, sell -0.5%

    US crude oil: buy -2.5%, sell -0.5%

    Note: Only applicable to positions and overnight interest

  • Contract units per investment product / per lot

    US dollar index: 1000

    Dow Jones Index: 10

    FTSE China A50 Index: 10

    NASDAQ: 100

    London Gold: 100 ounces

    US crude oil: 1000 barrels

  • What trading software is currently operating on the Globalidx platform?

    The Globalidx platform uses GI Trader trading software to provide real-time market quotes with risk control functions such as easy operation, flexible ordering, and stop-loss profit.

  • Why are trading software occasionally dropped?

    The area is currently being restricted by the network, so it causes frequent disconnection. Please try again after the network restriction is released.

    Frequent dropped calls for a long time: It is recommended that you clean up your computer system and try to uninstall the original software to reinstall the new version, and try to avoid logging in too many web pages or software at the same time, causing excessive network resources.

  • Why can't the pending order be linked?

    When establishing a pending order transaction, the price of the pending multiple order must be lower than the current price to form a pending order, and the price of the pending empty order must be higher than the current price to form a pending order;

    The fare is far from the market price: the A50 index is 1000 points, and the other trading varieties are 300 points.