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Why choose index investment?

High liquidity

The liquidity of the index market is significantly higher than the two-way open position of the target spot market and the T+0 trading method, so that the index investment does not have very high liquidity and the transaction volume is larger.

Low transaction cost

The handling fee is generally a few ten thousandths of the contract value. The transaction cost is extremely low and does not limit the number of transactions. You can buy and sell at any time.

Two-way transaction

When the overall trend is expected to decline in the future, investors can take the initiative rather than passively wait for the bottom, and also make a difference in the falling market.

High leverage

The higher leverage ratio is lower than the margin charged. With a relatively low transaction cost to make a relatively large list, the utilization of funds is also increased by several times.


The trend of the index is closely related to the changes in its underlying assets. The index also has a certain guiding effect on future price expectations.

Cash delivery method

In the form of cash, that is, when the delivery is completed, only the profit and loss is calculated without transferring the physical object, which avoids the phenomenon of “crowding the market” in the stock market during the delivery period.

Why choose us?

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